Olive Trees: Modern Design Accents

Olive Tree

Olive Trees & Design Trends

Homes To Love Magazine named Olive Trees one of the top 5 trends in indoor plants décor for 2020. After Joanna Gaines decided to use them in several episodes of her HGTV show, Fixer Upper, Olive Trees have become an iconic staple of the modern, country home. In fact, Joanna Gaines first introduced her love of the Olive Tree back in 2017 in Season 4 of Fixer Upper. That same year, Joanna Gaines featured the Olive Tree in her publication, The Magnolia Journal, and the Olive Tree has been a preferred design go-to for home bloggers and modern country home enthusiasts, since.

Perfect near a kitchen window, next to a fireplace or even in your dining room, VerDécor & Co. Olive Trees are so lifelike your guests will only know they’re not real if you tell them – and we’ll keep your secret!

About Olive Trees & VerDécor Products

Traditionally grown in the Mediterranean, the classic elegance of olive trees has long been a staple of sophisticated interior design. But if you aren’t typically known to have a green thumb, or don’t have the proper lighting in your home for a real Olive Tree to thrive, VerDécor & Co. has you covered!

VerDécor & Co. is an industry leader in designing lifelike, high quality, faux trees. Our Olive Tree is a top seller and is a favorite among home décor bloggers. Designed and handcrafted in the USA with high quality and carefully sourced materials including natural stems, perfectly placed leaves and realistic fruit, VerDécor & Co. faux Olive Trees are an excellent choice to add a touch of greenery to any home (green thumb unnecessary). 

Our Olive Trees range in sizes, and we even offer custom design options. Most VerDécor & Co. designs under 6’ in height are ready-to-ship and come with free shipping.


Olive Tree Deluxe